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On a high tower

I like sitting on a high tower... or some other place of greater altitude, and looking down from there. People bustling about, the vehicles moving on meandering roads - everyone to their own job. It gives me access to a slightly larger view of things, to decipher the Grander Scheme. I contemplate the point of it all.

What's the point? Why is everyone rushing to wherever they are going? What if they don't make it there? What will be lost?


This world is based on a set of rules. Some are logical, some are not. So what makes everyone follow these rules? Why, for example, do we demand an equal compensation for equal work? Why do we love to live rather than die? It is perhaps the greatest mystery to me.

But that doesn't stop me from sitting atop a high tower, looking down, people bustling, vehicles moving on meandering roads... the shadow of an invisible person beside me.


do you like to wander aimlessly too merc

nah not really... though sometimes i do stare into infinity..

ouch...someone's in a philosophical mood :(

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