Friday, March 31, 2006

JerryC - the world's best contemporary guitarist?

Make sure you listen till the end.

This Taiwanese dude is being touted as the greatest guitarist since Eddie van Halen. He IS great. See for yourself. Official site is -

EDIT - Wow. I had no idea this track was so popular already. The very same day that I post this blog entry, I go for rehearsal with Nik/Steffen/Ognyan etc. that night and my metal-o-phile friend Mihai Bailesteanu was there too. He asked to try out the Fender Strat that I have. He plugs it into the amp and guess what he plays? Canon rock's main theme! Though he couldn't play anymore than the theme :-)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Saturday morning

It seems highly likely that I am going to restart Silence:Shattered from tomorrow night on IWAVE Radio (if I manage to complete Elec.Engg. homework by 8 or 9pm). For any techno/chillout/electronica fans out there, my recommendations for now are -

iMozart Lounge - Symphony 40 [was #1 album in Germany when I bought it]
Propellerheads - Take california [the ESPRIT timewear ad uses this track]
Thievery Corporation - Indra [Channel [V] uses this for their 'NON STOP' show theme]
Thievery Corporation - Warning shots
Thievery Corporation - Govinda
Apollo 440 - Charlies Angels theme [everyone has heard it..]
The Prodigy - Serial killa
Crystal Method - Keep hope alive

More will come.. watch this space.