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Saturday morning

It seems highly likely that I am going to restart Silence:Shattered from tomorrow night on IWAVE Radio (if I manage to complete Elec.Engg. homework by 8 or 9pm). For any techno/chillout/electronica fans out there, my recommendations for now are -

iMozart Lounge - Symphony 40 [was #1 album in Germany when I bought it]
Propellerheads - Take california [the ESPRIT timewear ad uses this track]
Thievery Corporation - Indra [Channel [V] uses this for their 'NON STOP' show theme]
Thievery Corporation - Warning shots
Thievery Corporation - Govinda
Apollo 440 - Charlies Angels theme [everyone has heard it..]
The Prodigy - Serial killa
Crystal Method - Keep hope alive

More will come.. watch this space.

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