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So... Friday night once again... I decided to post some photos. I'll begin with photos of my meeting with Tobias, from my host family, and his friend Tim. We spent hours together, building miniature mutants out of Warhammer kits. Later we went to Mama Leone's Pizzeria, an authentic Italian restaurant, and had some - yeah, pizza.

So here goes the photos.. you can click them for original size.

Me and Tobias.
That's my newly renovated room.. after a major overhaul last week.
Another view of my room.
Streets of Bremen.. during the evening.
Tobias in his backyard.
Tim, me and Tobias.
Ammar (my EE lab partner) taking measurements. Today the EE lab module ended (for this semseter).
Awesome digital oscilloscope that we use.
The circuit. It was an op-amp differentiator.
An artistic view of the Workbench.
My bicycle on a sunset background.. taken while returning from Research I, where the EE lab is. It's an awesome sports bike, gifted by my host family. Has speedometer, distance meter, 5 gears, 3 grips etc.etc.

So that's about it for now. More photos and another post will come soon. :-)

juz droppin by to say Hi! :D
uni is BUSY aint it?? lol... well tonnes to do but had to see ur blog after soooo long *sorry* :p

hey buddy....nice snaps! Hope you don't get this bicycle stolen...nope, i guess..coz its Germany and not Patna! Anyways..I did notice the 'greeting card' i gave you on your wall. Well, today there was a 7.8 measuring eathquake here in New Delhi! But, I'm fine, as usual! Chal bye!


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