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Leaving for IUB!

... in some 4.5 hours!

The journey should be exciting, with a 5-hour train ride stacked at the end (Frankfurt to Bremen). Will post more info as soon as I can (with pictures).

One thing that has been in my mind for a while now is the multitude of people who have made this possible for me. I wish to thank -

God - above all.
My parents, sister and family members, especially my mom for being supportive throughout, despite dad's anxiety attacks.
My school and my teachers - for helping me with the applications and kind encouragments, I regret leaving in such haste that I did not get a chance to visit my school before leaving! :-( I remember how happy everyone was when I visited a day after being admitted to IUB.
My friends, especially Puru Raj, Rajeev Ranjan and Elina Pradhan - For being extraordinarily supportive and helpful. I wouldn't have applied if it was not for Puru. I wouldn't have made it my best application if it was not for Elina. I wouldn't be boarding this plane if it was not for Rajeev.

Speaking of which, Rajeev is actually shouting at me to log off and get back, so I will. Next post from Bremen. This is MercurySquad signing out. [Ack...]

pV....ALL THE PEOPLE YOU THANKED just had a periphery role to play....in assisting you achieve your dreams. May god bless you, and help you achieve your dreams. Will be missing you a lot!!!


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