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I am pissed at two things -

MSN Messenger - "We were not able to sign you in because Internet Explorer is currently set to work offline. Please change it to online mode and try again." Huh??! Why the hell does IE have to be used for MSN Messenger?! And if it does, just ask the user if they want to go online and resume operation, rather than asking them to go do it themselves. Same with yahoo, though it's less looney. And try clicking a web link in an MSN Messenger, it will launch in IE regardless of your current default browser.

Baggage allowance - Why do flights to US/Canada allow 64 kg but all others allow only 20 kg? All my friends are taking cartloads of stuff to college and I have to cut down on even basic articles.

I thought you said 8th Aug = MS.net !!

I'm dissapointed, but not surprised :p

Even if it consists of ONE page.

I dont trust you no more :p

15th ISNT over yet!!!

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