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Of patents and what-not

Hammer-head icon"Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The father is unknown."

That is the tag-line for this extraneously hilarious website - www.PatentlySilly.com. Head over to this site for some "questionable" but actual US patents. The icon towards the right perfectly describes the feeling you'll get when you read about some of the patents listed on that site... a hat mountable flag, edible dresses, solo see-saws, bicycle mounted dog running guards, gunpowder-firing golf club, urinal drink-coaster, surfboard with a viewing window, cap with a timepiece... and that's just a sampling! The author's description and visitors' comments are particularly hilarious. A must-visit.

extraneously... hmm? :)

Ok Mister WordWeb.. :P
I apologize for the extraneous usage of that word :P:P


what happened to the blogging fervour?

Just been caught up in other things lately to come up with anything interesting :P

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