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So I'm a SLIder

As the comments in my previous entry suggest, I (supposedly) belong to a class of people called SLIders (Street Light Interferers!).

Read this article on About.Com to get the lowdown on what it is.

There are some things mentioned in the article, that I can relate to:
When it happens is when I'm stressed about something. Not really manically stressed, just when I'm really mulching something over, really chewing something over in my head, and then it happens.
That is true with me as well.
It is unlikely that a light will turn itself on when you walk past it, so it is a shock when it happens. If this should happen a few times consecutively, then it appears some mechanism is at work. - David Barlow
I would like to believe it's so! I'm not really fascinated to be associated with some sort of psychics' group! Haha. And I'm also glad none of the "other" phenomena mentioned in that article has ever occured with me.

Note to skeptics - While it's okay to be one, having a scientific mind, it is inevitable for me to analyze, question and reason something rather than dismiss it as a mere co-incidence. Doing so would be ignorant of me.

By the way, about 75 minutes ago, I walked past it again just to test... bloody thing lit up again :-/

> So I'm A SLIder

yeah, ain't it cool?

my bro happened to read and he's like he's playing to the masses. yah it's a sceptical world :D

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