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If you can't have it, Simulate!

My desktop now sports the OS X Tiger look :-)

Click here to see.

Also, an interesting discussion is going on here, about the universe being deterministic or not. This is one of the topics that has interested me even as a kid...

ah nice desktop. mine isn't so pretty but i like it. will defly check out your fly thing now. and i see we both use wordweb :D

hey... not bad. not bad at all.

Wordweb can now be classified as sadistic... it uses Princeton University's WordNet database ;-P

yeah, and everytime i use it it's gonna remind me of broken dreams?! cmon

Note the smiley :P

Oh who wants to live in New Jersey, anyway? Didn't you see Garden State? It's a depressing place, and it always rains...:)
ps I watched Lagaan last night, am working on renting other Bollywood films.

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