Monday, September 19, 2005

The 30 hour day

It's 1:45 am right now. I have a thick calculus book beside me, and the first Multivariable Calculus problem set open on my computer screen. So what's the deal?

My Electrical Engineering homework was due earlier tonight at 8 PM. I now have only 3 more, 2 of them due tomorrow, 1 on Friday. I've completed 3 of the 4 questions from the first pset, and am yet to start on the second one (10 questions).

Flashback 12 hours. It's lunch time and I find out we have a Computer Science quiz in an hour. I'm in my room, my EE homework put away for a while as I eat while revising from the lecture notes posted on the course forum. And who would think we'd get asked about the Greek alphabet?!

3:30 pm - I'm done with quiz and classes, and head straight to Research I, Room 37. I have a meeting with Professor Olk to talk about a possible job opportunity as a psychological experiment designer and programmer for the Eye Tracking Machine in Psychology Lab.

4:10 pm, I head back to my room and get cracking at the EE problem set. 7:16, I'm all done. Time for dinner; time to relax.

8 pm - Get started with CS problem set. What, CS?? Or is it Math ?
10 pm - Thoroughly jaded, I go dancing. Literally. The ballroom dancing club in the Dance Hall. Me and Ben (my flatmate) drop in. Turns out it's an advanced level session.
11 pm - Back to CS. Everyone else is working on Math 1B (multivar).
1:45 am - you know.

But wait - I have an Elec.Engg. quiz tomorrow morning?? I didn't know that!


Two problem sets and one quiz to study for - all in 6 hours. Sleep? I don't think so :-P.
And hey, there's still the Physics 1 problem set for Friday. And two large lab reports, 25 pages each, for Thursday. And of course I'll get more problem sets before that. And then the Motion Capture Studio starts filming this weekend, and I have to be at the set because I'm supposed to be one of the few people who will (learn to) handle the camera. On Sunday I have a meeting with the Production Company club to discuss the new song we are composing. Then there's the IWAVE radio club meeting. And I also have to write my statement for the Student Government election. Tomorrow I have 4 classes and have to visit the Behavioral Sciences lab to check out the eye tracker. My host family wants to meet me soon as well. Of course there will be more lab reports to write by then. Then there's this...

Welcome to life at IUB.


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