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More songs...

In my previous entry I posted "Aajkal" - a love ballad I especially like.

Here are a few more songs.

Conditions for Peace
- GET IT (3.95 MB)
This is a pure techno track. Built last year under the band name "Seventh Dimension"

Be with me - GET IT (2.83 MB)
Club/house track which I played live in my bedroom one fine evening of 2001 (using a DJ program...) Quite dancey if you ask me. Must get!

Hum Hain - GET IT (4.23 MB)
A dancey Hindi song with an English rap thrown in. Anando said he spoilt the music by adding his vocals... I was flattered ;-) But it's just average.

Na jane kyu - GET IT (4.78 MB)
This was my attempt at creating a fusion-type sound by mixing tablas with BlueJay drumkit. Sounds nice. Pure Indian pop sound though. Note that this is a very rough recording, especially the guitar. It's highly probable that you won't be able to listen to it after 3:30 min!

Saathiya - GET IT (4.85 MB)
Want the 90's movie sound back? Then get this one! Quite dancey as well. This was our first full-blown "production" kinda track. Recorded in Jan 2003. Oh and the movie by the same name came out after we had composed this one (in October)...

Those are all for now. I might upload a couple others sometime, most notably a song featuring my sister on vocals. This song is a combination of techno and rock, and we are divided on whether to call this sound TechRock or TripRock or something entirely different. It's a great one, and you'll like it if you like Linkin Park, for example. Ok that was enough to build an anticipation ;-)

Comment window is always open. Like them or not, let us know!


Thanks for the post... and to Kiersten for the link!

--Daniel Barkowitz (aka Moneyman)

omg! i'm humbled! :-D

Sounds like some of the stuff in Conditions for Peace are from System Shock?

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