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For your listening pleasure

Ask and ye shall receive! :-D

Here's one of my favourite songs, "Aajkal" (आजकल).

It's a love ballad we recorded in April '04. Kiersten being a new Bollywood music addict, I chose to upload this first as it's mellow and sounds very Indian. Later, I'll upload some of the other tracks, which range from the out-and-out dancey ones to rock + techno!

The vocals and lyrics are by my friend Anando Mukherjee. Please note that this is only a rough home-recording, not a polished piece recorded in a studio!

Download (MP3, 5.8 MB)

You might also want to download the cue-sheet, which contains the lyrics in Hindi, the chords, and a somewhat acceptable English translation (so that those not familiar with Hindi/Urdu can understand what the heck is going on in the song ;-)).

Previously confined to my home, by uploading this MP3, I'm sort of "releasing" it to the world - so let me also take the opportunity to dedicate this song to a special someone... :-) (You know who you are.)

Enjoy! And leave comments! ;-)

NOTE: All my songs are registered with national copyright agency. Think twice before you plagiarize!

good song :-)

me and mah bhai like

thanks... now let me bombard you guys with a few more. and shikhar - nice new mugshot :-D

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