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Free Compilers and IDEs

Just spotted this: If you are looking for a great free C++ compiler for Windows (and are not too weary of the Microsoft tag - but if you are, why the heck are you developing for Window? :-P), get the Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit.

Download Link

It comes with the command-line optimizing compiler and linker, plus the standard C++ libraries including STL. Great. Only thing missing is a good editor with IntelliSense :-D (but that will be asking too much of them).

For those of you who just cannot do without an IntelliSense editor (like me), I recommend SharpDevelop. It's a freeware IDE for the .NET Framework. Currently it supports C# and VB.NET natively, so if you are a C++ programmer, you have C# (which really is almost exactly C++, except just a little cleaner). If you are a VB programmer, you have VB.NET which rules!

like your new layout. so clean.

thanks! had to do some tweaking to make it look the way it does...

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