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Minding my busyness

Ever had the "I-should-be-studying-right-now" feeling just after your last exam?

This has been haunting for a while, now that I'm done with all exams and all studying. I've been restless these past few days. It seems nothing is in my hands - though I would like it to be!

Perhaps at the root of this problem is - free time.

That might come as a surprize, but I have always been used to being very busy. While in H.S., I was also attending a preparatory institute for four hours a day, four times a week. That meant leaving home at 6 or 7 in the morning and returning at 8 in the night, having done nothing but studying all through the day. The remaining 3 (sometimes 4) free days were spent catching up on homework and still more studying. There was no time to breathe.

The little time that I did snatch for myself was spent doing the things I love - reading, collecting information from the net, writing some cool new software, working on one of my techie projects, fixing my guitar, adjusting the speakers, trying to invent a better paper-plane...

That free time seemed well-earned. Now it does not. Every moment seems like a moment wasted.

gotta give ya props for posting in quick succession...

how about a post an hour till 8 am so i have sth to do?

heh, nao... i'll mind my own bizness

I feel the same way!!! The past few weeks have felt so strange, I find it's harder to get stuff done when I only have a few things to do because I feel like I have sooo much time. But yeah, I feel like I'm wasting time:/

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