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Below is something I whipped up one lazy evening in 2003. Short (and maybe sweet?).

“Oh no! That one’s reserved for Shelly!” giggled Karen.

“What the heck, I’ll just eat it myself,” I said as I munched on the chocolate bar.

It seemed she couldn’t stomach me relishing the bar all by myself, so she hissed, “But you can always buy another one for her, can’t you, Darren?”

“Of course not! Now stop with all this Shelly crap,” I retorted back. Why was everyone trying to tie me up with every single girl in school? Though I didn’t mind a joke or two, I never approved of it. Yet they’d continue, making me resort to stupid comebacks, so I said, “When my girlfriend hears about this she’ll make sure none of you has a bone left in you.”

“Oh, you have a girlfriend?” Karen asked with a wry smile on her lips but an inquisitive look in her eyes.

“Yes I do. What’s so surprising?”

“What’s her name?”

“I wouldn’t tell!” I fumbled.

“Aw come on: I don’t believe you.” Karen had started to pretend she wanted to shake it off – but I wouldn’t let her.

“Allessandra. That’s her name. She’s the best mate you could have!”

“Really? How long have you been together?” I saw her face redden.

“I’ve known her for more than a year, and man, were they the best days of my life! It’s like every time I’m around her, she fills me with a never-ending energy, a kind of energy that’s neither physical nor emotional.” I was beginning to lose it but I kept talking, “She has this special vibe, a charm about her that makes me want to be with her all the time. She and I make such a team, I wonder where I would be without her, and she without me. We have a long way to go and I know the days ahead are going to be a blast. We’re truly the best couple on earth!”

I said it with a lot of passion and faith. I saw Karen’s face growing even redder. She had always thought I was single. Now she knew that that wasn’t the case; that I wasn’t a lonely heart seeking refuge in every girl’s smile that chanced upon me.

I went home and thought about it. ‘Allessandra. Now that’s a nice name.’ But Allessandra was special: she was invisible.

"So what's this?" you ask.. :P
Well.. mainly to come back at certain individuals who think my blog contains too much "technocrap" :P

darling....kahi ye nimbu ke baare me to nahi hai...the real krackjack story!!! I had already read it btw...in a very boring class of mr. dq....or maybe Mr. 'Even otherwise's'. Now, when I've reminded you this...you better check out my blog http://abhiyantriki.blogspot.com and you'll know what am i talking about!!! Take care....Alessandra's Darren, or maybe Karen's Darren.

thsi is a good story..but heard it faaar to often :P

Saale hotstuff... WHERE did i say this is based on anyone?? FICTION hai. X-(

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