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Random stuff...

1) So the heat is now gone (for the most part). Monsoon rain is here!
2) I got admitted to International University Bremen, which is the heart of Europe (Germany). Still waiting for the fin.aid package to determine if I'll be able to attend or not. Can't wait to be there!
3) Finally bought my mercurysquad.net domain name, as well as 1 year hosting package. Nothing's there yet, but a crackerjack site will be up soon. Watch this space.

Hey PV>...congrats..and great work indeed. put some nice stuff on it!

This was Raj btw

i think its the first time im postin on ur blog :)
great goin!!!
n well, i think ive already congratulated u on ur acceptance :)
take care!


new post kaha hai???

..and ditto for your blog :-P

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