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Yahoo Avatars now work on Firefox

In yet another victory for Firefox, Yahoo Inc. have kept their promise and released the long awaited Firefox compatible avatar customization page! Firefox users can now finally use their favourite browser to customize their avatars. You need the Flash player for Firefox for it to work.


In my initial testing, everything works perfect. Nice!

I wait for the day windows update works in Firefox ;)

Hahaha... not in our liftime :P

Microsoft manages to create websites that work perfectly only on IE, and since Firefox will never support ActiveX...

And try clicking any URL in MSN messenger... it will launch IE even when your default browser is firefox.

Talk about unfair practices.. :-/


Again with this blog...you're back to your basics!! Technology!!!
PV I gotta learn a lot from your erudite grey cells!!!

Lemme come!

Finally, finally, finally...It happened!!!!

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