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I wanted to write a new entry about the fun things to do at IUB. However, I just couldn't help writing this down instead -

Tomorrow we have 2 lab reports due for EE lab, CS homework, Math 1B homework, EE homework, and 1B quiz, CS quiz and EE quiz. :-D

The following is a conversation at 3:30 am today -

Muhammad Jehanzeb: whats up !!!!
merc: lab report!!!
Muhammad Jehanzeb: LOL!!!!!! =))
merc: :-D
Muhammad Jehanzeb: me doing EE hw and Maths 1B!!!!! my ass is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
merc: :D :D :D

Will write soon... no more rants I promise :-)

Please write everyday, even it is a small write-up. We are interested to know anything about IUB!

yaar mujhe kya badnam kar raha hai idher !

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