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First snow!


So I woke up today at 8 am, and went to the servery to have breakfast... and what do I see? It's snowing!!!! It was still twilight, and our servery has huge glass walls on either side. The snow was so beautiful. Here's a couple of pics I took later in the morning.

Thats cool!
How are you mate?
If you remember that cres on CC,
just figured oof the photo two of my good mates are with you JJ...jehanzeb and Ammar...

Seems like you are having a great time at IUB, you surely seem to be making most out of the opportunities...cool job will love to hear more abt it...it was really great to know and you are keeping up despite that much of academic load, just keep up the effort!

I am having a tough time here at NUS :) there is also a guy over here by your name, from IIT kanpur...800 rank, and came here....remarkable person, got some of your germs as well...

I have got less modules than you, but still ...its tough and with southeast asians...who keep on studying passionately(or you can say without it) for 25 hrs...or maybe i just dont feel like working....

Leaving for home in a couple of days, will be meeting Pd9...got lots to hear from him...haha

Keep up the effort, all the best!

Hey, cres, man how are ya?!
Been long since we heard from you.
Are you confusing everyone at NUS too? ;-)
hehehe... JJ and ammar are doing fine, Ammar hasn't slept for 2 days now :-P
I'm not doing too good.. some courses are ok, others I'm doing quite badly in.

So, happy visit home!

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