Friday, January 13, 2006

All good things must come to an end

Tomorrow at 5:30 pm is my return flight to Germany.


I wish I could stay a while longer... like, forever? This has been my best Christmas so far, and will be in my memories until the last day of my life. The hasty packing session the night before, the excitement as I stepped out the plane, the nervousness as I was questioned by the Immigration personnel, the boring wait for my baggage to scroll past.... the magical feeling when I was received... they all encircle my mind constantly. Being here was a miracle itself, and I hope another miracle happens. I wish I have 20 more days here, and then 20 more, and then 20 more... (they have a 100% rain/thunderstorm forecast for Boston tomorrow ;-)

Until such a miracle happens, it's goodbye Boston (and not only Boston).... I will miss you.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


So tonight me and Jerzy Szablowski went to play squash.

I had never played squash before, but Jerzy taught me about the techniques very well. In a few minutes I was up and running, and played not-too-bad. Actually he said "you're good in sports, aren't you?" which is quite an achievement for me who is hardly good at any sport. The only two physical activities I used to do were bicycling and rollerskating. Squash is cool though. And hey I also play pool a bit. Not bad. :-)