Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just finished a new track

Replaced the strings on my guitar and started jamming. An interesting funk riff caught my fancy, so I added some loops, a couple of extra guitar parts, and turned it into a song. Called "Siesta", it's an electronica/lounge track for my in-the-works album "All an Illusion."

You can download Siesta here. (8 MB mp3 file). Or if you prefer, you can download a 5 MB mp4/aac file here, which can be played in iTunes or Winamp, for example. The mp4 also sounds loads better than the mp3, by the way.

The original mix I made turned out to be almost 7 minutes long. The one I have uploaded here is actually a shorter edit, about 4 min 44 second long.

The other track from this album that I have released already is Conditions for peace which you can get here. It's a techno/breakbeat track.