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How stupid can a web programmer be ?

In connection with the last blog entry, I went to worldclock.org, and look what it said about time around the world -

19.5:57 - Los Angeles
22.5:57 - New York
03.5:57 - London
05.5:57 - Paris
06.5:57 - Moscow

You get the idea...

And of course it's correct, because India Standard Time is 5.5 hours (5 hours and 30 minutes) ahead of GMT. So the bright programmer takes my computer's local time and my time zone information (script kiddies..), and subtracts the no. of hours my time zone is ahead of the GMT from the local time. Then it adds the appropriate no. of hours to get the time at each city.

But what about the minutes? Fractional hours?

Nepal, for instance, uses GMT +5:45 .... I bet the times from there are going to be something like 19.25:57 in LA, 22.25:57 in New York and so on.

Long live computer education. (we did this hour-minute adding subtracting program in grade 8).

And to think daylight savings time confused me.

Oh gawddddd..... You had to go on and make a post out of it naa???

heh... that looks like just a rushed ad site. guess they must've felt guilty cuz they got timeanddate.com in an inline frame :p

elina: I knew you'd post that with an annoying expression on your face :P

shikhar: what I was looking for was something like timeanddate.com but I didn't remember the address so I keyed in worldclock.org (just on a hunch) and it showed up. :D

** i meant "annoyed" expression.. (though "annoying" fits in as well :P lol)

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