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Sunday ho ya Monday: ask the BBC

Either the BBC is slightly confused or I am.

Maybe I've had an amnesia attack and/or all the clocks near me have slowed down or something equally drastic has happened. Like the BBC laying their hands on a time machine.

According to this breaking-news report, a plane crashed in Russia at 2300 GMT Sunday. At the time I am posting this, it is currently 03:15 GMT (at least I think so, since it's around 8:45 AM in India right now). The accident seems to have happened at "0300 Monday" local time (at accident site).

The problem is, Monday (July 10th) hasn't arrived anywhere in the world yet. According to www.worldclock.org, it's still Saturday or Sunday on earth, depending on where you are. Some prophecy going on here..

So now that I am blogging this, either BBC, or I am going to get laughed at.. and I really don't know who it's going to be because I'm still.... confused.

EDIT: An hour later, the page has been updated. Except that now it says 0800 on Monday local time, BUT still 2300 GMT Sunday.... um, did the accident site change its location ? Jumped a few longitudes maybe.

Anyway, 1.5 hours later it's fixed.

Here is the full text of the original -

Passenger plane crashes in Russia
BBC breaking news graphic
Up to 150 people on board a Russian airliner are feared dead after the plane crashed on landing.

The Sibir Airbus A-310 plane had flown from Moscow when it crashed at Irkutsk airport in Siberia.

Russian media reported the plane slid off the runway and hit a building at about 0300 on Monday [2300 GMT Sunday].

News agencies quoted emergency services as saying at least 43 people were injured .The plane was carrying 192 passengers and eight crew members.

It was reported to have caught fire after crashing.

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