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Holy mother of god

Check this page out - http://t.div0.ccc-offenbach.org/html2php/nottrivial.bf

Who can guess what that is?

It is a program written in a language called "Brainfuck."
Here's the same code with some comments added. You can try to understand it. It's actually pretty simple and elegant. Good luck.

If you're wondering, that program does some sort of text processing to convert HTML files to PHP files using echo statements. Yeah, that's another WTF but what the hell... at least it's good entertainment.

EDIT: Ok. I have lived. I have seen all there is to see in the world of programming languages. Because there is a programming language called Taxi which is based on "escorting data across a virtual town." And there are more such things. Like Ook! and COW.

God save me. (Tomorrow morning is the General CS 2 final exam).

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