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12:33 am.

CS Midterm tomorrow. Midnight study marathon continues. Damn I'm hungry. So is Shrestho, studying for god-knows-what in his room. Typical college kids: no money, hungry at midnight. He borrows 5 Euro from his flatmate Horia, who also tags along. And off we go to the pizza place round the corner. Melody's aka Ferri's. It's the only place open after 8pm. Not a soul outside. Us three walking on the pavement.

We get to Ferri's. We order. Drei pizza, mit schinken, mice (?) und chaff. Me: "Mice??"
"It's corn," says Horia. We munch.

1:04 am.

We pay.

And then we get dropped right outside IUB's main entrance. In a Nissan. By the pizza place guy. Nice.

Pizza guy: "Das ist gut?", near the IUB entrance.
Us: "Ja, vielen danke! Tschuss!"
Pizza guy: "Bitte schoen, tschuss."

He backs up and drives away.

Me: "I thought he was gonna deliver something at IUB.."
Horia: "What car does that !@#^!@$& have?"
Shrestho: "A Nissan? That sonova#(^)!"

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