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Phew! ... Amsterdam here I come

Finally! Spring break is here. Past few weeks were so frustrating, I am glad to get a breather. And what better way to kick start the spring break than with a tour to some place OUT of IUB. And not just out of IUB, but out of this whole Deutschland. Yep, this weekend I'm on a short trip to Amsterdam. Infact I am leaving in less than an hour. Well I don't know a lot (or anything) about the city so it's going to be interesting. All I know is it is famous for pot, hookers, Van Gogh, and canals. Let's see.

I'll be back on Monday morning, hopefully with photos (unfortunately my camera is with a friend who was too busy DJ'ing for tonight's party to check his email or pick up his phone.. Octav are you reading this??) :-P

So the trip is through the worst tour operator in Germany. This company has so many bad reviews we almost dropped the plan, but then there was no other way to go anywhere else in < 50 Euro (!). So we'll see how it goes. It's just 2 days, can't be that bad.

Ok I'm a bit late. Tschuss!
[I'm becoming more German everyday]

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