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Bad example of web "designing"

To continue the web annoyance series -
Site in question: www.skyscraperpicture.com

First annoyance: When you go to the webpage, it displays some information about the site (since obviously we can't guess what this site is about from its address). And then it has an "ENTER" link. Well, what do you think I came to your site for? As if there is also a reason to leave the page (under 18?). I really don't appreciate websites that display a "splash screen" first (especially those with Flash intros) and then display an "Enter" button (shouldn't there also be a "Don't enter" button?). Also ridiculous are multi-megabyte flash intros which have a little link at the bottom saying "Skip Intro" ...... The main homepage of such sites is invariably called "index1.html" (useful tip).

Second annoyance: The whole damn index page is composed of images. GIF images. At the bottom is some text (copyright and all that) but the rest of the page is just sliced images. The designer probably designed the entire site in Photoshop and then cut it into pieces and put them on the webpage. HTML consists exclusively of IMG tags. I wonder, why not just put up the whole site as ONE big GIF or JPEG file and then use image maps to make clickable areas... I mean, come on. Images are for images, text is for text. But some people are bent on using images to display text (in Arial font). And there are also programs which create HTML formatted text which shows up as an image (obviously these ASCII-images fulfill their purpose very well, taking 5 times longer to load than a GIF or JPEG of the same thing). One day I'm going to create a site in which all text is made of BMP images (uncompressed of course) and all photos are created by using ASCII-art (font size 1 for finer resolution).

Anyway, after this point (seeing my browser window filled with about 40 image placeholders), I decided to close the browser window. Guess they really should have had a "Don't Enter" link on the intro page. Though the author of this site was sensible enough to include an "index2.html" page and explain nicely that index1 is going to take a while to load so you better ENTER HERE INSTEAD !

I know which site this blog is dedicated to. hehehehe. THANX Almighty, I was not the designer! LOL! Well, for other here it is: http://www.viet.ac.in Its the webpage of my ex-college.


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