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Cult of Vi

...And I hereby proclaim that I am joining the Vimpires at the Cult of Vi.

The Vi brigade in the Holy War* now has a soldier more. Church of Emacs, bring it on. For you lesser mortals still in the clasps of Notepad or GEdit or what-have-you, it's time for an awekening. Rise to Vim.

On a side-note, I read about the ed editor (written in 24 bytes of code, jokingly called the 'standard text editor'). It sure is scary. Here is my first session with ed (blue: me, red: ed) -
Feisty> ed
Feisty> _
Reminds me of EDLIN from DOS days. Thank goodness, even Notepad is better. Electric Pencil, anyone? :-P
*There exists a lesser war: The tab vs space war.

Those of you who have no clue what this post is about are encouraged to check out all the links I have sprinkled across this post ;-)


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