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Guitar tabs and lyrics are now illegal ???


Guitar tabs are now considered illegal by the MPA/RIAA ?! Check these pages out -

Sorry dude, we got pwned by the MPA. No tabs anymore. Kthxbye.
A blog entry with details
Another article

I came across this while searching for some tabs to practice tonight (Saturday, kinda free). And on many big tab sites, I got the message that tabs are unavailable. www.fretplay.com for example.

WHAT the hell is wrong with the music industry?? I guess then performing any songs should be illegal as well. Big middle finger to you RIAA assholes. I think it's not too far fetched that they are going to limit the number of people you can have in your room when listening to a song... and might even call you a criminal if you hum a tune on the subway or a bus or while walking on the street. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT MY ASS. Rot in hell you blood sucking greedy bastards!! I say we boycott ALL big name artists. Fuckin retards. This is making me sick to the point of throwing up.

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