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What a retarded article

There's an article on Gizmodo (an otherwise great site) about Win XP completing 5 full years now. IT IS SIMPLY RETARDED. I've read one million articles comparing operating systems, and there are so many good points about Win XP. However, this guy, whoever he is, has managed to come up with so many lame ideas it makes me wonder ..... man .. Cuz Win XP is a fine operating system, apart from its quirks, but this guy totally misses the point. I hope it's sarcasm, actually.

The first three points sound very reasonable, but move on to the fourth or fifth... it goes downhill from there. Read the whole article yourself, but I'd like to quote some gems from there. This guy has got basically every sentence wrong or warped beyong the point of being just amusing -

And don't even get me started on the awesome case mods that always accompany XP-powered machines.
Hahahahhhahaahaha haha h ahahahahah hahaahhaha ahah. He likes XP because all XP machines come with superb awesome CPU cabinet designs!! HAHAHA. I guess we should stop drooling over iMacs now!! And how the hell does an OS allow more/better cabinet models?!! Damn ..

There are hundreds of companies out there manufacturing machines to run XP. This drives the prices of machines down. Want a complete desktop unit for $300? It's possible with XP.
Hahahah... considering that Win XP costs a couple hundred dollars itself, let's see... putting a free OS on it will give me a cheaper desktop!

The competition may think they are cool with the animated enlarging icons, but that shit eats the ram, hardcore. XP uses less ram and runs a lot faster.
LOL! Now who can claim their Win XP based computer runs mean and slick, compared to a Mac? And... ahem... let's wait for Vista and see how fast it runs and how little memory it takes. Oh by the way, can it run on your wristwatch or MP3 player?

New Technology - What's that? Core 2 Duo? 64-bit processing? SLI graphics? Oh, XP has been doing that for ages now.
Hhahahhahha again! Let's see, ever try installing XP on a SATA harddrive? How about built in packet writing on CD-RW's (let alone DVDs)? Dude what does "for ages" mean according to you? Win XP has supported "new technology" for ages?!!! That doesn't even make sense.

And finally -
Raise your hand if you have ever used a version of XP that wasn't exactly purchased. Windows Genuine Advantage has since hindered that possibility, somewhat, but still. XP helped kick start a generation of kids that do not pay for software with the help of P2P programs like BitTorrent, as of late. Free is always good.
This one takes the cake! Especially the last sentence. Man, how retarded can one be!! :-)

If you want more, you can read the consequent discussion about this article on this webpage.

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