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How we work on problem sets at IUB

Watch here ;-) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqNeeoT92gc

And what we do during lectures - Watch here
BTW if you are wondering, that's last semester's "Dimensions of Space" USC.

Videos courtesy Md. Jehanzeb aka JJ.

Hey, Buddy! Will you enlighten me about something which has been bothering me for quite a while!! I always visit(yet to be completed website) your webpage.
Now I have got bore watching the same fonts and colors! A few suggestions:

1) Change the font, and of course, the colors as well.

2) Scrammble the words, and then put it over there. Then, visiting your YTBC(Yet to be completed website) will be interesting.

3) And now, put up a "Guess!!" section....for guessing when will it get over!
And the coveted prize will be: YOU WILL GET TO HAVE A SNEAK PEAK of it, meanwhile, let me rest! Hahhahhaha.

So, did u like the suggestions? I visit your site almost everyday!

C Ya, Take Care

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