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Version numbers, Google, Woh Lamhey

Here's a quiz - which software is the newer version? Version 2.14 or Version 2.2 ?

Does anyone else find it weird that 2.14 would be newer...? Even though according to ordinary intuition, 2.2 > 2.14 .... it's slightly annoying to me that because 14 > 2, 2.14 is newer.

On a different note, has anyone else noticed that the "Google" image on google.co.in is sliced into 3-4 parts while the same thing on google.com is one single image? I guess Google knows how pathetic most internet connections in India are.. so they don't believe that the 10 kb google.gif will download all at once :P

BY THE WAY: Anyone who was trying to download the Woh Lamhey cover track and couldn't do so - I HAVE FIXED THE LINK.

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