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And another one gone

Dear Prashant,
I appreciate your application.
However ,the position has been already taken.
Good luck,
Sometimes it really pisses me off when a job position goes to someone else before all the applicants have applied. If my credentials are not good enough, that's another matter. But losing a job opportunity without even being considered is really messed up.

I wonder why the fuck this position is still being advertised on CampusWeb ?? Is the policy something like - Accept whoever applies first? In that case I guess a notice saying so would be appropriate. And if I may suggest, also consider taking off the month-long advertisement, before someone else believes that the spot is still available. Not everyone can access the CampusWeb from off-campus.

well thats the polite way of sayinh.. we did consider you but there was someone on the job already and so we couldnt get him to resign.. and campusweb didnt allow us to put off the advertisement before 3 days.. so...

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