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Wow. Politicians and Technology just don't mix

By god they don't.

Just read this webpage and you'll know why. This guy (or girl.. I don't know and I don't care) is supposedly lobbying for a "hacker-free America". I wanted to include quotes from that site here, but it seemed I would end up copying the whole thing. Anyway, here's my favourite few -

There should be an “Internet drivers license

Linux computers are often provided without any anti-virus software, and often become riddled with viruses.

We should make an example of these evil people - Americans demand life imprisonment or possibly a death penalty. [...for the offense of 'hacking']

Check it out, it's a nice blog.

EDIT: I thought it was a satire website, but Wikipedia says nope, it's real.

and what stops wikipedia from being in on the joke ;) this *has* to be satire!!

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