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Vedanta University ?

Today's Times Of India's back page has a fullpage color ad about a soon-to-be-opened "Vedanta University". It is supposed to be a "re-incarnation" of the ancient Nalanda University (which, it is said, was the world's leading center of education in its time).

The ad mentions that the 10,000 acre campus (oh my god) will house 100,000 students (oh my god again). It also says that it's going to be as good as or better than "Ivy League universities like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford." True that Oxford rhymes with Stanford but since when did either of the two become an Ive League university ??

That said, I can't wait to see how this idea turns out. I was really wishing for something like this, and sincerely hope Vedanta University turns out to be the ultimate Harvard-killer in 25 years.

Hey, Is it going to be set up in Bihar? Are you sure? If it happens, I am sure, administrative lethargy will ransack millions of Indian Rupees, being denoted by the expatriates and the like minded. I Just hope, that leave alone Ivy League, if it comes on par with DU..it'll be a real great achievement. The prevailing pan spit-marks on wall attitude in Govt. offices, doesn't provide me with any reason to believe otherwise.

Anyways, great news for people who were starving for a good news from Bihar!


nah... that would be orissa

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