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Heh? IM affects people in strange ways

A potpourri of some recent Yahoo madness. Here goes :

Someone commenting about my display pic on Yahoo! -
Person: wats dis xpression on ur face ???
Person: it seems 2 be sumthin like cruelty !!
merc: lol !
merc: cruelty ??
merc: woh kaise? (how so?)
merc: i think it's more like a smile
Person: ohhhhhhh thanx
*** Person has logged off.
Um.. thanx??

And another one by some random person I don't know -
karanahuja567: hello howz u
merc: hello
merc: i'm fine thank you
merc: who's this ?
karanahuja567: this is binish..........
merc: ok
merc: your ID says 'karan ahuja' ..
karanahuja567: ya ...
karanahuja567: muy name is karan........
karanahuja567: my.
karanahuja567: wat abt u........
merc: but you said binish.. ? i'm confused
merc: my name is mercury
karanahuja567: u r nt binish..........
*** close window and run
Yet another one -
jacky_disouja: hi
merc: hello
merc: who's this ?
jacky_disouja: jacky
merc: i mean i know you are 'jacky'
jacky_disouja: no u dont kno me
merc: please introduce. thanks.
jacky_disouja: r u male
*** Put on ignore.
And a ridiculous request:

Guy: will u do me a favour?
merc: depends on whether i can do it or not!
Guy: its very simple
Guy: i hv made aforum
Guy: (website address)
Guy: go to this site
Guy: and plzplzpzlzplzplzp
Guy: register urself
merc: and then?
Guy: and then
Guy: keep posting stuff
Guy: and readin them
merc: what the ..

I didn't know this person (he added me one day and I decided to be polite). Turned out he had just finished his Class 10 board exams. Unfortunately I had my semester finals during that time, so I couldn't be any more understanding.
Some trivia about the site -
Categories on the forum: jokes, hollywood, bollywood, songs, gossip, sports, cars and wallpapers
Number of registered people: Three (at that time, around 10 right now)

And the best is yet to come. This happened about a month ago while I was in the Programming:1 chat room in Yahoo! Someone sends a message saying he has a great deal for student programmers to earn money over the internet. Now I have made money before by programming for random people, so I decided to get more details. Read yourself -
merc: whats the deal
profcharlessoludo0000: im a cashier
profcharlessoludo0000: i work in a bank
merc: and?
profcharlessoludo0000: so i need a hacker that we can work together
merc: sorry, what you need is a cracker.
profcharlessoludo0000: nop
merc: spam around more, someone will take up the offer
profcharlessoludo0000: someone to transfer into my account i will pull out and we share it
***Oh great. Let's play with him a bit.
merc: what surety do i have
***Guy logs off.

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