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Ahhhh.... don't ask me to write anything more than the fact that I made it back to my bed at IUB. For the third time in a row, the airline misplaced the guitar. This time they lost it totally with no tag and no trace. They've GOT to fuckin bring it back. Serious. As of now they are still "tracing" it.

And this seems to happen only at European airports. US/Indian airports don't really care and just put it in the hold like any other `cargo' ... but you know how delecate we Europe dwellers are (added we to avoid political correctness debates). We have to take care of things so much that it gets hard to even find stuff back. Bahh.

If I have time after the day long workshop tomorrow, I will write about my ... "interesting" loopy-loop route which turned an 8 hour journey into a 27 hour ordeal. Wouldn't blame the airline(s).

Now I have to die for a while.

By the way, the Boeing 747-400ER is a freakin big plane. Like, whoa.

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