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And the detour begins

Travelogue Part 1

It's funny. The real part of the journey back to IUB hasn't even begun and I'm already tired. It's 2:15 am. My legs hurt like hell. I'm hungry and sleepy. And so far all I have managed is getting from Patna to Delhi.

Travelling from Patna to Delhi was fun - first time that I went to my hometown's airport. Met Mr Vinod Singh (Oxygen movement), who happens to be the head of an airline's operations in Patna/Bihar (the one I was travelling with). Naturally, I got preferential treatment (ugh... sounds so bad). Had a VIP-like check-in. Attendents carrying my luggage, checking it in for me before everyone else's, getting me a priority boarding serial #, letting me carry 2 pieces of cabin baggage despite regulations (because I had two valuable items on me, in separate bags), X-ray guy coming with me to instruct the security personnel to let me carry those 2 ... even right up to a guy taking me to the best front window seat in the aircraft (they have free seating policy). The hostesses were, for a low-cost-airline, quite nice. You know.

And all this on a low cost carrier's ticket purchased for INR 800, which is less than 20 bucks. AND with no extra baggage cost, and this airline is fam0us for charging exhorbitant rates for even 1 kg of extra baggage.

So I was advised by Vinod uncle to buy books worth the money he saved me on the excess baggage charges. Will do.

Delhi airport is the worst airport I have ever been to. Once again, NOTHING was labeled, and security people or other official looking guys were no help. For a second time, I went out the exit, searching for the international terminal transfer bus. Went as far as the main road and found auto drivers. How much do they want? Rs 150. Another guy said Rs 200. I spat some mild swearwords and headed back. After much running around, finally managed to board the free transfer bus and arrived here at the international terminal's waiting lounge (after paying Rs 30 to get in - I'm too early).

Talked home. Talked to Rajeev. Had some water (tasted chockfull of chlorine). Put my luggage somewhere I could monitor it from my seat here in this iWay cafe, and logged on (didn't feel like checking for wireless here).

6 more hours to go before I fly off to London (yay). Hope to not get into problems. Check in at Patna, contrary to what I thought, was pretty tight in terms of security. Pretty tight. Yes I did see them haggling with a woman adamant on carrying her moisturizer lotion on board.


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