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"Akele" - final mix done!

So here's the final version of the song. There are actually 2 versions - a short and a full version. The one linked in the previous post was the short version in its preliminary form (now removed from the download server). The new one linked here is the full version which is almost 7 minutes (!) long... has a one minute long solo in the end. This is also the first song which I fade-out... I don't like it but hey it sounded cool with the solo playing.

Anyway, here it is (comments are welcome)

Prashant Vaibhav & Anando Mukherjee

DOWNLOAD HERE (3.7 MB, OggVorbis)

Note: You need a media player that can play this .ogg file (e.g. Winamp, VLC, most Linux players etc.) If you use Windows Media Player, please download and install "Ogg DirectShow Filter" (look for it on Google).

hey... my bhai saw akele on the desktop and he heard and he likes it much... he was pretty surprised when i told him you did it at home!

yes, isn't it amazing what can be done with a computer and some appropriate software tools! (one day when I have money I plan to actually buy the awesome software I use - Cakewalk SONAR .... hehe.. shh don't tell anyone). ;)

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