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The Duo Returns - NEW song!

That's right!

Nice co-incidence that Anando happened to be in town for a few days, so we decided to use the opportunity to finally complete recording a song we were writing 2 years or so ago. It's called "Akele".

This is just an initial mix, by the way. The intro and the ending are not completed, neither are the vocals final (just a guide). Quite a lot of changes will be made to make it sound more polished before we can call it "complete" (we're doing that tomorrow).

But I can hardly wait :-)

Download Here (3.7 MB, OggVorbis)

The nice thing about this song is that we recorded it using completely consumer-grade equipment. Basically, just my laptop. But most of the sounds are from the excellent Syngeri GS soundfont which I purchased (but it costs less than 20 USD). The microphone was a cheapo computer headset, and the soundcard was the one built into Dell laptops.

BUT - I used the Fender Strat to record the guitar parts (listen for it!).

I like this song. Just make sure you don't fall asleep during the first minute or so (it's not final).

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