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Spontaneous sampling of real-world OS usage

I'm in my Information Theory class right now, sitting in the last row. I see 15-16 students (this is not a popular course), most with their laptops turned on. Professor is teaching about probability spaces and decides to count the number of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students and other such things to illustrate a point. I decide to do my own survey silently. The result is as follows -

6 - Windows XP
4 - Linux
1 - Mac OS X

I can't say for sure whether it's 6 Win XP and 4 Linux or 7 WinXP and 3 Linux, because this one guy in front of me is booting up WinXP from inside of his Linux desktop using VMware........ yes IUB is really diverse ;-)

haan...karte raho survey! :D

windows tab bhi aage hai :p hehehe

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