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An article on Slashdot.org

In Elektra v. Wilke, the Chicago RIAA case in which defendant Paul Wilke has moved for summary judgment, the RIAA has responded to the summary judgment motion by filing a motion for 'expedited discovery', alleging that it needs expedited pretrial discovery because it does not have sufficient evidence to withstand Mr. Wilke's motion. The RIAA's lawyer said: 'Plaintiffs cannot at this time, without an opportunity for full discovery present by affidavit facts essential to justify their opposition to Defendant's motion.' The motion and supporting affidavit are available online.
Anyone have an idea what's going on? Anyone?

Then I look at comments. Someone says - "could'nt he just fucking translate the submission into english before posting"

Another guy clarifies -
"Defendant: I'm tired of this bullshit. Show me what you really have so we can get this over and done with.
RIAA: Uhhh... shit. We don't have a thing. Your honour could we please search everything the defendant owns in order to find something?"

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