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Lucky Ali's song "Kabhi aisa lagta hai" ...

...has a big flaw. It seems to me that in the recording studio, one of the monitor speakers were wired incorrectly... as in, +ve went to -ve and -ve went to +ve terminals instead of the other way round. And so the whole recording (or at least the bass drum) turns out to be phase inverted with respect to the stereo channels.

Consequently, if you listen to the song on a speaker system with two separate bass/woofer drives, it sounds a bit different, but when you listen to it on a 2.1 system where there's only one subwoofer, the left channel bass cancels out the right channel bass and so you hear NO bass drum at all....

I have MP3 collected from two different sources and they sound the same. I wonder how such an obvious error got through to the mastering stage and was pressed on to CD's which are now sold in the market.... ??

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