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Nerd stereotypes

So I was a bit annoyed by all the "You must be new here" comments on every article on Slashdot, and was referred to Wikipedia to understand what it was all about. While reading the article about "Slashdot subculture" I came across common nerd stereotypes popular on that site. Gosh......... who can guess how many of these apply to me??

Nerd stereotypes are extremely common on Slashdot. The most common stereotypes are:
  • That Slashdotters are male
  • That Slashdotters are single
  • That male Slashdotters have poor social skills, particularly in relating to women
  • That female Slashdotters are rare, unattractive, non-existent, or in reality males hiding behind a feminine name
  • That Slashdotters spend inordinate amounts of time in front of computers
  • That Slashdotters use the GNU/Linux operating system on their computers
  • That Slashdotters have poor hygiene
  • That most Slashdotters usually live with their parents (often expressed as "living in their mothers' basements")
  • That Slashdotters are obsessed with pornography and/or masturbation (example: "500GB hard drive? How am I going to fit all my pr0n in that?!")

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