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How much more barbaric can religious violence be?

Clipping from a BBC news article (in Hindi) about the recent curfew in Mangalore, India -
ऐंबुलेंस में जा रहे लोगों को खींचकर बाहर निकाला गया और फिर वाहन को आग लगा दी गई. घायल हुए लोगों को एक निजि अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया गया है.
People inside the ambulance were pulled out forcibly, and the ambulance was set on fire. The injured have been admitted to a private hospital.
Makes me shudder..pulling patients out of an ambulance?! Well, at least I can say they didn't just set the ambulance ablaze with people still inside it. Which does not seem too implausible anymore...........

PV.....such incidents tie down my belief that there has to be a comprehensive change in the over all framework and shreds of India...a complete overhaul of the defective systems. Until and unless, you are one of the spokes, you can't really change the direction of the Wheel.
And Indian Politics, with its current state, and short-sightedness and selfishness, can't help much! And not all, can be blamed on Govt. and Politics. There has to be actions done(and restrictions) on personal level as well.
Violent protest only make the authorities look away, and if they look into you, they do with it disdain. We can adopt better and effective measures....if there is something to be brought to the noticce of deaf-blind and all-words-of-self-praise politician.

I think....I am made of stern stuff to be an upright politician. And Instead of always grumbling and gruntling, I should start paving my way toward being able to make a better India, Incredible India.

Wish me Luck.....


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