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SomaFM needs your support

The internet's best underground radio station needs to pay off $25,000 of bills by December end and is asking for donations. I just wanted to spread the word. SomaFM.org has absolutely the best radio channels ever, and I've listened to them for almost 2 years now.


If you like SomaFM too, or simply want to help, go to the Support SomaFM page. You can pay by credit card or German debit card etc. via PayPal. They already have almost $19k...

UPDATE: They have managed $25k already. From the site :
Thank you to everyone who supported us during our end of year fund drive, we raised $25,000 towards paying off our outstanding expenses for 2006! Thanks for supporting listener-supported, commercial-free, independent internet radio on SomaFM! -- Rusty Hodge 14-Dec-06

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