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Google Video search now includes YouTube videos: and vice versa!

I was just looking for something on Google Video and noticed that it returned a lot of results linking to YouTube videos! Although there was no fanfare, not even a separate page describing this, but only a small blurb on the Google Video homepage. Here's straight from the horse's mouth:
YouTube icon New! Now you can also search for videos from YouTube.
It's great that we can now use Google's search features (duration tag, boolean operators) to search for videos on YouTube. Because honestly, YouTube has the worst search feature (you can't even add a - sign before a word to exclude it from the search!). But it seems the integration is two-way, because YouTube searches are now playing well with Google-style search terms.

The Google acquisition was a good thing for YouTube, indeed! Let's just hope the whole copyright issue remains outside of Google's area of interest. What I mean by that is, hopefully Google will adopt a no censorship/monitoring policy and will only remove infringing videos on request. That's the stand any publicly available information carrier should take.

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