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Got PageRank 4

So Google recently completed their database update, and funnily, my blog gets one notch higher, from a pagerank of 3 to a pagerank 4. There are commercial sites which struggle to move above pagerank 3, so I am not sure why my simple, personal blog has a rank of 4. In fact, there was a time some years back when my blog was linked to some very popular/important webpages - at that time I had a pagerank of 5!

My website www.mercurysquad.net has a PageRank of 3 right now, even though it was put online only about a week ago.

But whatever, I don't really care that much about pagerank and all. This is mainly because recently at work, I had to do some research on search engine optimization, so that got me interested in this. As long as I enjoy blogging and the few visitors I have enjoy the content, it's fine!

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