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Les chansons Français

Up until some years ago, we had the French music channel MCM on TV. In those days there were several songs which I used to listen to and loved. Among them were some French songs. In a fit of nostalgia, I dugg up some of them. The French music scene is bumping when it comes to Pop (as compared to, say, Korea or Thailand, where I'd throw up if I had to watch their music channels for more than 10 minutes). Listen to them all, you won't be disappointed!

Des Palmas
Regarde moi bien en face - Catchy song, used to be my favorite, I even made a backing track for this, and know the lyrics by heart
J'en reve encore - A recent one. Actually I can't find a video of his other song, Sombre.

Marc Lavoinne avec Cristina Marocco
J'ai tout oublié - Very nice haunting song, duet, with lyrics. Not that I get more than 20% of it, but still fun.

Au soleil - Sorry for bad video, but song is nice
Des mots qui résonnent - Nice song, but some of the added sound effects destroy it (it's the TV version)
J'attends l'amour - For some reason I remembered this as "J'attends la monde" and was going nuts trying to find it :-\ First French song I heard on MCM. Valentines day is coming, appropriate video!

Iva Fruhlingova (or just "Iva")
Ou tu veux, quand tu veux - Amazing song. Haunting tune. This one appears to be a slightly remixed version from the MP3 I have. Very good video, and amazing vocals of a very pretty singer. One of my favorites.

Lorie - yes it's ridiculous but hey, at that time I liked it, plus she's hot as hell
Toute seule - First video I saw, I believe this was her first too. Apparently she was spotted on some website where she posted a song of hers. There is another of her songs which was way better and less cheesy but the title escapes me now.

Tiziano Ferro
Perdono - This is one song that had annoyed the hell out of me, being played non-stop. But it's OK. Endure to the end for the camera girl dance ;)
Imbranato - MUCH better song, must listen. Slower and soulful.
I don't think both these songs are French, though... my ability of identifying languages ends here but if I am given guesses, I would say Spanish or Italian. Te amor is Spanish right? But the lyrics have so much O sound I'm tempted to say it's Italian. Anyway, I don't know.

Renaud et Axelle Red
Manhattan Kaboul - It's obvious from the title and the video what the song is about. Catchy guitar riff and chorus. Video is recorded off MCM :D

There was also this song by Yannick Noah, but it was reggae and I hated it so I'm not going to bother recalling what it was titled.

And the mandatory: Alizée - Moi lolita - Everyone has perhaps heard this song (and seen the video). Dance track. Anyone know what they're talking in the beginning? All I got was Tu m'aime...(blahblah)..Je t'aime. Anyway, Alizée is such a doll you can't miss this video.

And that concludes my French Song Megapost. It's amazing I was even able to recall all these songs and dig up the videos, it's been something like 5-6 years. Oh good old times... what's crazier is that all these artists are located in one city barely 400 miles away from me!

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